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Depending on the pipeline length and properties of the area through which it runs, flanged pipe joints are used to control the water flow inside the pipeline, enable water discharge and prevent leakage in case of accidents.

Flanges are designed and manufactured according to ISO 7005-1, ASTM D 5421-05, EN 1092-1-2007, EN 1092-2-1997, EN 1092-3-2003, EN 1092-4-2002, ASME RTP-1-2017 standards.

Currently, the factory produces flanges and branch pipes with:
Х Nominal working pressure:PN 0,1 ÷ 3,2 ћPа
Х Nominal diameter: DN 20 mm - DN 3000 mm,that are connected to the pipeline using restraint joint system.

Flanges are connected to glass fiber reinforced polyester pipes using glass fiber fabrics and thermosetting resin.

These flanges are widely used in water supply and irrigation, mining and petrochemical industries, as well as hydraulic structures.

Thanks to their physical and mechanical properties, quick installation, corrosion resistance, and durability, fiberglass-reinforced composite flanges outperform their competitors made from other materials. 




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