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The rod pump stuffing boxes that are widely used in onshore oilfields around the world are subject to leakage even in normal operating conditions. The leakage of the oil and other byproducts of the oil production causes to serious environmental contamination, operation interruptions and maintenance downtimes.

In order to cut leakages, increase the lifetime and efficiency of the rod pump stuffing boxes used in Oil & Gas industry, as well as protecting them from environmental impact Azkompozit has designed and produced composite safety cases resistant to high temperatures and chemical contaminants.

The stuffing box safety case made of fiberglass composite material serves as a barrier preventing the leaking liquids to spill around the area surrounding the oilfield and therefore solving wide range of problems:

  • Prevents interruptions of the pump operation due to maintenance excluding financial losses;
  • Stops environmental land contamination;
  • Stops losses of petrochemical products (the products leaked from the stuffing box are conveyed to the storage containers by transparent hoses for further processing);
  • Excludes the need for expensive cleaning and maintenance works;
  • Increases fire safety of the oilfield;
  • Protects the stuffing box body itself from weather impact.

The device consists of many elements that are independently produced and assembled together.








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