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Azkompozit fiberglass manhole covers are the logical alternative to traditional cast iron or reinforced concrete manhole covers.

Advantages of FRP manholes:

  • No resale value
  • Strong and durable
  • Long service life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maintains seal

FRP Manhole covers will solve the problem of cover theft as they have no after market value. They can be made to lock.

All FRP Manhole covers are designed and manufactured by Azkompozit LLC to meet BS En124 standard.

Initial tests have shown that these covers can withstand over 2,000,000 fatigue shocks at the required service loads i.e. service life > 30 years!
Our FRP Manhole covers and frame seats well providing a hermetic seal against leakage of toxic fumes into the environment.
U.V. and Corrosion resistance is provided by our proven resin systems.

Applications include:

  • Municipal water and wastewater
  • Telecommunications
  • Connection chambers
  • Underground electrical installations(traffic lights, street lighting)
  • Petrochemical installations

Factory also manufactures open mesh covers for stormwater drainage.
Colours: Black, Grey.

Our FRP Manhole Covers are designed and manufactured to meet the EN124 Standard in the following load applications:


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