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Azkompozit manufactures full range of fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes and reducers.
In order to provide leak-tightness of fittings they are produced by cutting and butt-wrap lamination of ready and QC approved GRP pipes.

Azkompozit LLC produces manholes in various models and applications. GRP manholes allow tailor - made designs to customer requests. The design of GRP manholes provides excellent solutions for drain/sewer manholes used with mains of large diameters, from DN 500 - 2600. Thanks to design and Azkompozit GRP pipes material used in the manufacture of manholes they comply with all the engineering requirements with regard to safety, functionality and durability of the material
The manholes are equipped with an FRP pultruded ladder allowing for descending to and exiting from the manhole.




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